Video game company

Jared G. Turner: Executive Vice Chairman

Mr. Turner has a ten-year track record of recognizing specialty retail franchise opportunities and growing the concepts from small startup companies into professionally organized enterprises. Founded YaketyYak Wireless, which at its peak was the fastest growing wireless franchise retail chain in the United States. Parlayed the YaketyYak franchising experience to grow Play N Trade from 10 retail locations to 250 locations in three years. Founded, funded and launched an international network security company that merged with a Swedish organization in 2006 and is franchised in over 30 countries. Still active as a Director of the firm.

Charles Beaupre: CEO

Charles has over 17 years of experience in the world of video gaming. He built the largest video game franchise network in Canada, DimensionGames. He is also the founder of SE2, a technology company that contributed to the success of his video game franchise. His understanding of the industry and the technology it takes to be successful makes him an expert in this exciting industry.

 Charles merged his stores with Play N trade in 2012 and has taken over as CEO of the new, larger franchise operation. Charles’ passionate leadership is contagious and he is a leader in  the world of franchising. In advocating the benefits of franchises, he remarks that, “We are constantly challenged by our franchisees to become better in all aspects of the business. It’s like sitting in the control center with a team made up of brilliant entrepreneurs all pushing to succeed”.